Neighborly Company Blueflame Medical Is Like the ‘Mr. Rodgers of PPE Suppliers’ Doctors Say

By HEALTH CARE & MEDICAL - May 23, 2020

As the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic intensifies, anticipatory modeling from the U.S. Government and CDC indicates the impact of COVID-19 will continue into the fall of 2020 and the summer of 2021. As if that is not worrying enough, scientists anticipate that COVID-19 will continue to re-emerge, similar to the cyclical nature of the flu. This and more disheartening news call for a multisectoral approach toward easing the situation for all. At the helm of such efforts in the private sector is Blueflame Medical, the largest global network of COVID-19 medical suppliers. The company is keen to provide logistics and hard to find medical supplies for fighting the virus.

Saving Millions of Lives of First Responders

As one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, Blueflame Medical is playing a critical role in making medications and supplies available to as many as 100 million first responders at one instance, in addition to customers and patients when they need them.

According to the company’s founders, “Blueflame Medical is playing an important role in healthcare delivery and it is something we take seriously every day — even more so now as the world faces this healthcare challenge.​” Although they are concerned that the pandemic is not merely a public health crisis, the company’s leadership is certain that their continued provision of high-quality masks, testing kits, and the dozens of other medical supplies first responders need, will flatten the curve of the infection more quickly than expected. Blueflame Medical is on the front line to facilitate and fulfill the immediate procurement needs for only the highest quality product, delivered with the fastest efficiency possible.

A Price for All

Amid growing concerns about bad actors who are after profiteering off the COVID-19 pandemic, Blueflame Medical has focused on lowering the price of their own Coronavirus protection equipment to ensure that everyone has access. The company’s website also provides clients with adequate information on the recommended procurement practices, which they follow to the letter. They include strict sourcing and shipment policies, alongside compliance to national and international standards. Blueflame Medical has taken a strong stand against price gouging and profiteering from the Coronavirus pandemic by not only deliberately lowering their prices but also partnering with only the right manufacturers, who are also on the same mission to curb the spread of the virus.

Value-Added Partnerships

Blueflame Medical is not alone in this fight. NFL Hall of Famer Coach and co-founder of The National Child ID Program, Mike Singletary saw what the company was up to and fully supports its endeavors, declaring, “It is time to re-evaluate our priorities,” adding that, “Those on the front line have previously been overlooked, but they have emerged as true heroes to unite us. Now is the time we must shift our focus to our first responders, healthcare workers, and those on the front line. This unseen enemy (COVID-19) has knocked us down, yet we have the chance to not only rise up but rise up as a stronger, more unified nation.”

It is due to their thriving partner relationships both locally and internationally that Blueflame Medical has the ability to rapidly supply the highest quality, lifesaving PPE to Americans across the nation. The company’s mission is to work tirelessly to ensure first responders, healthcare professionals, and clients receive the critical supplies they deserve.

Monitoring Demand and Usage to Get Priorities Right

Considering that the COVID-19 is the first challenge of its kind, there are unforeseeable issues with demand, supply, and usage of essential products. To address the issue, Blueflame Medical has structured its allocation approach to provide PPE supplies to many first responders for a much longer time.

This initiative is being made possible through the close monitoring of data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Based on this data, the company has boosted its allocation allowances slightly for certain PPE and other high-demand products. It is expected that as supply levels improve and the government brings about guidance on the prioritization of providers or geographic markets, PPEs will be well available as required, much in part due to the determined efforts of Blueflame Medical looking out for the well-being of all.