Blueflame Medical To Provide Personal Protective Equipment For DeKalb Central

By CBS - Aug 13, 2020

A medical supply company and healthcare logistics company will provide personal protective equipment for a local school district. Blueflame Medical and Doc Hygiene have joined up to adopt the DeKalb County Central United school district. They’ll provide masks and Doc Hygiene hand sanitizer packets throughout the year. A school board member says this is great because finding those items has been difficult.

“We are embarking upon as many other districts are. Every other district is embarking upon unchartered territory. We’ve never had to try and supply this type of thing to our school, to our students, to our staff. And so this partnership means an awful lot”.

Over the next few months, Blueflame intends to work closely with leadership at DeKalb Central and County public health officials. The hope is to develop guidelines that might help other school districts.