Blueflame Medical Helping 100s of Millions of Responders Through Its High-Quality PPE

By David Jackson - May 27, 2020

According to a recent survey by J. Wallin Opinion Research, Americans are increasingly concerned about the way healthcare systems are providing nurses, doctors, and other frontline healthcare workers with supplies and equipment necessary to protect themselves and their patients from the Coronavirus. It goes a long way to confirm that the pandemic is more than just a public health crisis. Blueflame Medical co-founders describe the current situation as a “crisis of resources.” According to them, “If every American had access to high-quality masks, testing kits, and the dozens of other medical supplies they need, we would have flattened the curve of infection already.” However, since this is not the case, the company’s leadership has vowed to “work tirelessly to ensure first responders, healthcare professionals, and clients receive the critical supplies they deserve.”

Why First Responders?

Over 95% of Americans believe that it is important for first responders to get COVID-19 supplies/equipment. However, for America’s health systems, paramedics, police officers, firefighters and other first responders to get the medical supplies and equipment they need to meet the unique needs presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, the country needs a greater supply than it currently has. This is where Blueflame Medical comes in. Because of their partner relationships, Blueflame Medical has the ability to quickly supply the high-quality, lifesaving PPE to as many as 100 million first responders across the nation.

Citing the industry’s broadest product selection from hundreds of suppliers, Blueflame Medical’s leadership is positive that it can provide tools in the COVID-19 fight.

Stopping a Crisis

Blueflame Medical realized the scarcity of “PPE available here in the United States, particularly for our first responders and healthcare professionals.” Moreover, Blueflame Medical had difficulty understanding why “the was the government not supplying it, why the private industry was not getting it there, and why were the states or the counties not able to procure this PPE for people who needed it so badly?” Blueflame Medical decided to act. The company is now bringing in as much PPE on a single order to serve 100 million first responders.

The J. Wallin Opinion Research also sought to find out what issues concern Americans most about the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of people (Republicans-30.2% Democrats-43.3% Independent-38.0%) are worried that hospitals and medical staff might not have the supplies and equipment they need. The other things that worry Americans most are medical staff and first responders getting sick from Coronavirus and the third biggest worry is the loss of jobs or income. Also, Americans want the government and stakeholders to ensure that PPE supplies get to first responders who have the most difficulty in obtaining it, such as local police departments, paramedics, and firefighters. This was represented by 57.5% of Republicans, 59.8% of Democrats, and 61.0% Independent persons. Whichever way one views it, there is a pressing need for all stakeholders in the procurement and supply of PPE to address the plight of first responders. Although Blueflame Medical is doing its part, there is still more to be done.

Creating Meaningful Partnerships

This is only being made possible through Blueflame Medical’s efforts toward fostering powerful relationships with quite a few PPE manufacturers all over the world, domestically and elsewhere. As a result, the company is now the largest supplier of COVID-19 supplies in the world. More than 25 states are already customers.

Promoting the work of Blueflame Medical , NFL Hall of Famer Coach and co-founder of The National Child ID Program, Mike Singletary saw what the company was up to and quickly threw his support behind its endeavors. “It is time to re-evaluate our priorities,” he said, adding that, “Those on the front line have previously been overlooked, but they now have emerged as true heroes to unite us. So we must shift our focus to our first responders, our healthcare workers, and those on the front line. This unseen enemy (COVID-19) has knocked us down, yet we have the chance to not only rise up but ruse up as a stronger, more unified nation.” Blueflame Medical not only has the power to bring about this change that Singletary speaks of but the power to do so with the highest quality measures, while placing those most at risk in mind.